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My Boyfriend is Crowding Me

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My boyfriend is 23 and gets panic attacks during the night a few times a week.  He has been for medical tests but the doctors cannot find anything wrong.  He does not have much of an appetite.

He also asks so many questions – whenever I tell him something, he wants to know the smallest details.  Even when I do answer his questions, he just comes back with more and more.

 I feel like the longer we are together, the worse it gets.  I am not sure how much longer I can cope with this.  He has mentioned that he doesn’t want to lose me but I am starting to feel smothered. How do I deal with this?


It sounds like your boyfriend lacks belief and trust in himself.  This was probably triggered by a specific incident that he chose to bury deep below the surface.

I would suggest that he sees a hypnotherapist who can help him discover what has caused the insecurity and fear.  It may have to do with his mother or another significant female in his past.

I am saying that because you have noticed that the more you and he get attached, the worse the situation is getting.  There may be an underlying fear that you will leave him, and that may be the reason why he is fixating his insecurity on you.

If he does not get professional help in finding the underlying cause of his behavior, you will find that you will get quite exhausted when you are with him.  That will be because he is getting energy from you rather than generating his own energy, and that is never a healthy situation.

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