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How Do I Leave A Relationship Behind?

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I had a short and - for me – very happy relationship with a woman.  She ended it a few months ago. 

I was hoping that we could continue as friends, but that was not to happen.  I am really struggling to put her and the relationship behind. 

I have been using visualization and having a more positive outlook on life and it has made a difference, but not enough. 

How do I put this relationship behind me?



The good news is that by Valentine’s Day of next year you will be delivering a massive bunch of flowers to a lady who will be absolutely radiant.  When you meet her - towards the latter half of this year - you will suddenly turn a corner and look back at your past relationship and count your blessings.  

Not that your past girlfriend is a bad person, but compared to what is coming your way, let's just say there is no comparison and she (the past girlfriend) already knows it.

Relationships happen on different levels.  When people end their relationship, the first tie that is broken is the physical one - where you stop having any physical contact.  Any financial ties then go soon, followed by the emotional ties.  As long as you have significant emotions about a past relationship or a past partner, the relationship still exists.  

It does not mean that there is necessarily hope for reconciliation.  It does mean that when we have strong emotions about the relationship they don't go away purely because the relationship has ended.  Often those strong emotions continue to build up until we reach breaking point, and then we find that moment of peace that allows us to turn the e-motions (energy in motion) into a feeling (a moment frozen in eternity where we experience the formation of a quantum of Light).

That is a major turning point where you start to put the relationship behind you.

The final tie is the spiritual one, where you stop having dreams (and sometimes nightmares) about the person in the past relationship.  When you reach a point where you truly cannot recall when you last had a dream about the person, and when you can think about the person and your time with them with no particular emotion, then the relationship is truly over.

Do you need to look for someone else?  You could entertain yourself doing that if you wish, or you can accept it as a fact that your single life will be permanently past tense within the next year, and enjoy life as it comes to you every day.  Your paths will cross, whether you go and look for her or not.

Practicing visualization is an excellent means of bringing towards you what you want.  The clearer you are, the sooner it will materialize.

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