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Sexuality and Betrayal

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I am female.  My girlfriend, Ann, is back with her ex-boyfriend.  How do I deal with this?



The first thought that comes to mind is betrayal and how to deal with that. There are three instances of betrayal here.

You are being betrayed by Ann, who was in a relationship that went well with you, but Ann walked away because the pull of the past relationship with the man was stronger.

The next instance of betrayal is with Ann, who is betraying her true self, because she is not consistent in her behavior.  Ann is also betraying the trust of her ex-boyfriend because she does not seem to be committed to the relationship with him.

It is easy to judge Ann, because we are not in her shoes.  So let’s take a step back and have another look at this situation.

Ann has a soul contract with her ex-boyfriend as well as with you.  Of course Ann also has a life script that requires her to deal with her own sexuality and decide how she wants to express herself.

We need to understand the nature of sexuality and gender first.  All of us have a male and a female side. We express our male side in terms of the rational, structured logical decisions in our lives.  We also express our female side in terms of our emotions, feelings and everything related to Love.

Added to this expression, we also choose a physical body that confirms the main choice we make in terms of our own life script.  The norm is that we choose a male body when we want to focus on a life script that deals with the more concrete aspects of life, and that we choose a female body when we want to focus on the more intangible aspects of life.  However, at times the choice we make in terms of physical body reflects a duality related to our spiritual male/female aspect – where we make a choice that goes against the majority.

And do not for a moment believe that the majority is always right.  For example, in terms of our male/female integration the ‘best’ option is where we are eventually entirely spiritual, and we are both male and female without a physical body.  As a human race we are not nearly there yet – but it is something to strive for,

Coming back to Ann and her betrayal – she obviously needs to make peace with who she is, and how she wants to express her sexuality.  The way for her to reach that clarity is by having relationships – with you and with her ex-boyfriend.

There are a few sub-agendas here as well.

Firstly, there are both an ex-boy-friend and you, the ex-girlfriend, and either relationship can possibly be re-kindled.  Is it a good idea to re-kindle a past relationship?  There is no rule on this – it depends entirely on the relationship and the people involved.  And of course where a relationship is re-kindled, there is a soul contract that needs to be honored.  Whether either relationship will be re-kindled or not depends entirely on the soul contracts of the individuals.

Secondly, there is the issue of rejection and being rejected. Both you and the ex-boyfriend need to deal with the rejection from Ann.

What if Ann decides to return to you?  How will you deal with the past rejection?  Will you blame Ann for having left you, or will you understand that you need to deal with your own emotions?  Will you decide to accept what has happened and move on, or will you always wonder when Ann is going to leave you again?

What if Ann decided to stay with her ex-boyfriend?  How will she remember her past relationship with you – with fondness, self-blame, confusion, or anger towards either herself or you or both?

And how will you deal with the fact that Ann is not returning to you?  Will you feel rejected, resigned, angry, lonely?  Will you cling to hoping that the relationship will get back on track?

 In this situation a non-judgmental psychic reading will help all three of you to deal with the present and provide you with options in terms of their future, so that you can make your own choices and move towards healing and integration.

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