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How Do I Win My Wife Back?

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My wife left me for another man.

How do I get her back? 


There are a number of important issues to note about this situation.

Firstly, you have a past relationship that may or may not continue.  Two people enter a love relationship for a reason, called a soul contract.  They may not be consciously aware of this, but every relationship has an agenda.  When it is a romantic rather than a work or family relationship, we tend to gloss over the agenda even when it becomes very visible.

Shakespeare wrote in The Merchant of Venice as far back as 1596 that love is blind.  This saying was taken up in the Afrikaans culture with the addition of ‘marriage provides the glasses’.  It appears that this is not just a saying - a research study in 2004 by University College London found that feelings of love suppressed the activity of the areas of the brain that control critical thought.

It appears that you are still very much in love with your wife.  She may even by now be an ex-wife, but you are still thinking of her as your wife with a sense of ownership.

No relationship is perfect.

Add to that the fact that every relationship reaches a natural end, and I am sorry, but I wonder whether there is a future for your relationship.

Of course a relationship can be rekindled, but that is only a success when a second phase of the relationship is part of the soul contracts of the people involved.

So how do you get your wife back?

There are a number of things that you need to be aware of.

The first is that you need to be realistic about what you and your wife left behind. It was not always as good as you recall, and the way to get a balanced view of the past is to also recognize the downside of every sweet memory.

Secondly you need to understand that if the relationship is rekindled, it will not be a continuation of the same relationship.  Yes, you and the same woman will be involved, but the dynamics of the relationship will have changed completely in that you both have grown and changed during your separation.

When we are in a love relationship with a person, we develop routines and fixed ideas about our love partners.  Where a separation takes place that involves a third party, there is every indication that those fixed ideas were at the bottom of the split.  For example, if you assumed that you are the man in the house and therefore it is your role to make important decisions about the family unit, you may also have assumed that your wife was happy with the situation without even consulting her.  This may have become so stifling for her that she was tempted to leave the relationship rather than continue to try and communicate her needs to you.

If this relationship is to be rekindled, the implication is that you will have to let go of some of the principles and ideas that have guided your behavior, and that you will need to be much more aware of your wife’s needs and thoughts, as well as of your own realities.

And if the relationship has ended permanently, you will have to deal with feelings of loss, rejection, anger and other strong feelings before you are able to heal and move on to a new relationship.

A psychic reading will help you to get some indication of whether there is a future in this relationship, and whether you should continue on you journey to get the lady back.

Of course a psychic reading cannot change people’s futures, but it can give an indication of what is already there in the sense that the outcome is created by both participants.  If the cord that binds people in a love relationship is still in place, it may be stretched to the limit, or it may be frayed and ready to break.  If the cord is no longer in place, then no matter how hard you try, you will spend your energy on a futile cause.

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