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I Care Too Much For My Best Friend




I am in my twenties and feel quite insecure because I really care about my best friend but she does not care as much for me.


There is another girl in our group who is very rude towards everyone but very sweet towards my best friend.  I do feel possessive when this happens, and I don’t want to, but some time ago the two of them were best friends until they fell out.


I don’t want to get hurt when my best friend chooses this girl over me.  I have been quite busy recently and don’t meet with my best friend every day, but the other girl does and I am concerned that my best friend will forget me.


Wherever we have an argument, I am always the one who apologizes, even if it is not my fault. 


I want to stop worrying about losing this friendship, but I know I can’t because it has happened many times that I had a best friend and another girl came and took her away.


Why is it that I care so much and other people don’t even seem to care?  I don’t have a sister or relative of my own age and I feel lonely.  When I then find a friend I get too attached to them and then I lose them.  I don’t want to hurt myself again.  Please help me.


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Pointing to the Moon

We often receive true wisdom but choose to rather apply the socially accepted version.


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