Sunday, 17 January 2016 14:01

How Do I Deal With My Future In-Laws?



I am 22 and have recently got engaged to my fiancé who is 31.  We have decided on our wedding date a year from now.  The moment we announced it, his mother told us to not plan a wedding, but rather live together first.



We had planned on moving in together soon anyway, but when his mother discovered that we were already looking at places, she told my fiancé that we should put that on hold too.


The problem is that my fiancé and I agree on things, and then his mother interferes when I am not around.  He says he defends our decisions, but eventually he gives in to her.


His mother says I am too young and therefore I don’t know what I want.  However, I know very much what I want.


Because of all this it is very hard to plan our wedding.  I am worried that all of this is happening even before we are married.  How do I stand up for myself without coming across as rude?






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Monday, 30 December 2013 07:38

How Do I Deal With Wedding Stress?


I'm getting married next year to the love of my life. However, due to the wedding and family interfering I've been stressed out lately. I've been on edge and so has my fiancé and we've snapped at each other. What can you recommend that I can do to help me deal with the situation?

Published in Love and Relationships

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