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Sunday, 23 August 2015 11:52

My Mother and Grandmother Are Stalking Me




I used to get along so well with both my mother and my grandmother, and I love them both dearly.  My husband and I lived in another town, but moved closer to my mother because we are planning to have a baby soon and could do with the help.


That is where the problems started.


My mother now wants to know everything about me and my husband – especially me – and it is getting out of hand.  When she does not hear from me often enough, she calls me and leaves hysterical messages.  She wants to hear from me every day, and I refuse to call her that often. 


My grandmother lives just up the street and doesn’t call me every day, but she has another way of stalking me.  When she does call and I don’t respond, she simply walks to my house and enters without knocking.  I have asked her not to do it, but she just ignores me. 


When my grandmother wants to go anywhere, she just marches up to my house and expects me to leave everything and take her.  When I refuse she goes and sits in the car waiting for me.


Both of them want to know when my husband and I go out and when we return, and if we don’t call them, they both freak out about my safety – as if my husband can’t take care of me!


We are at a point where we just want to pack our stuff and move away, and have a baby without even telling them about it.


Please don’t tell me to talk to them about this, because I know it won’t make any difference.   What else can I do to get them out of my hair?



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