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How Do I Deal With A Stressful Lawsuit?

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There is a potential lawsuit against me. 


While I am waiting for the decision, I am unable to sleep and eat properly, and I just want to stay in bed most of the time. 


What can I do to feel better?





You are describing the symptoms of depression, which is anger without passion.

This is a potential lawsuit.  It is not real yet.  I would suggest that you find affordable legal advice to deal with the legal issue and discover the exact nature of your issue and what you can and cannot do about it.  Then do what you can about it and trust that you will survive the rest - because you will.


Apart from the factual situation, you also need to deal with your emotions around the issue.  If you are not doing meditation yet, please do yourself a favour and find the free meditation on my website.

If you would rather not do any meditations, then at least listen to some calming music every evening before you go to sleep.  Also ensure that you have supper at least 3 hours before you go to sleep, and stay away from TV in the evenings.

The legal problems may not go away if you look after yourself and find ways to relax, but you will feel calmer and more in control of the situation, and that will help you to deal with the situation.

And remember, fear twists any situation into something that it is not.  Put your fear aside and find the benefit for you in any negative thoughts.  This is not about positive thinking, but about finding balance in your thoughts.

Every bad situation has benefits, and every good situation has a downside.  If you do not look for the benefits in your situation, you get stuck in the bad side and forget about the good side - and believe me, there is always a good side.

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