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My Body Is Totally Stressed

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I am normally a healthy male in my early twenties.  I exercise regularly and use breathing techniques to reduce my stress. 


I have some issues to deal with, including unrequited feelings for a girl at work.


At night I clench my jaws and grind my teeth.  I also get very painful knots in my muscles and I get rashes and dark spots on my skin.  I also have social anxiety.


What else can I do to alleviate my stress?





Your body is an expression of what happens in your spirit.  You can use all sorts of techniques to relieve the symptoms, but if you do not deal with the cause, then the symptoms will persist.


I cannot tell you what the cause is - but I feel it is probably more than just unrequited love.


What I could advise is that you get to the cause by keeping a journal so that you can explore  your feelings and get to the bottom of your stress.


You should also have a good look at your diet.  When you eat the wrong things, those things need to get out of your body.  Sometimes your digestive system cannot cope with it all, and some of the toxins get out through your skin, which is the last resort.


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