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Adverse Reaction to My DNA Activation

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After my recent DNA activation to 144 strands my insides feel like someone keeps hitting them with a tuning fork. 


What can I do to feel better again?




I would be careful with these ‘DNA activations’.  They sound impressive, but anyone who has a strong healing energy without understanding can upset the balance of your chakras when they play with something that is not a toy, and this may be what has been happening here.

You refer to your ‘insides’ and I am wondering where in your body you feel the discomfort.

If you feel most discomfort around your solar plexus chakra, I would say you need to do a meditation to take control over your body and your life back, because that may have been disrupted.

If you feel most discomfort around your heart chakra, then you may want to meditate around the topic of loving yourself.

Also find some quiet time and follow the flow of energy through your body (that is from head to toe and then from toe to head) and confirm that there are no blockages.  If there are any blockages, focus your attention on that blockage until the flow of energy is unhindered again.

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