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I Have Weird Thoughts

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I am in my early twenties and on the surface have a lovely life.  I have a good job, beautiful wife, nice car and big home.  I have every reason to be happy, but I am quite stressed.

The reason for my stress is that I feel lost in this world and I have crazy thoughts and questions.  I want to know why people blink, how we think, how we see and why we can only see ourselves when we look in a mirror.  Why is it that when I read I hear the words in my head without saying them out loud?

I have all these questions and they are taking over when I just want to live and have fun like my mates.  I want to be a good husband and provider, but it feels like the more questions I ask, the more stressed out I get.

How do I stop these thoughts?  I am supposed to see a psychologist to get some help.  What do I tell the psychologist?



You are asking interesting questions that indicate a growing spiritual awareness.

The first thing you need to do is ensure that you are grounded.  You already know that you are not your body - you inhabit your body, and your questions indicate an awareness and intuitive understanding of that.

With grounding you ensure that you remain in your body, and that you are able to fully participate in your life.

How do you ground yourself?  You need to learn to meditate, and especially how to end a meditation by ensuring that you are fully returned to your body.  If you do not have experience of meditation yet, I would suggest that you search for a person in your area who can teach you how to meditate and also how to remain grounded.

Once you are fully grounded, the next step would be to list your questions, and then research the answers.  Yes, your questions are not ‘normal’, but there are otherpeople asking the same questions and getting answers, and you will also get your answers.  You obviously have an enquiring mind, and you need to apply that mind to get your answers.

Your questions indicate to me that you are on a spiritual journey and that you need to understand your place in the world.  You can stress about these issues, or you can research them and get answers.  However, when you are fully grounded, you will satisfy your curiosity without allowing the issues to take over your life.

When you see the psychologist, tell them what you have been experiencing.  Give as much information as possible, because that will help them to help you.
It may help if you start to write down your thoughts so that you do not need to remember everything that you want to tell the psychologist.

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