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I Am So Far from Enlightenment

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I am a medium but I am not getting an answer for my own problems.

Last year I left three jobs.  I was in the first one for two years, but felt that I had overstayed my welcome.  I got another job working for a person who made promises but never kept them, and then did not pay me for a month. 

I found another job where I earned good money, but the managers in the company felt that it was OK to regularly humiliate people and make them cry.  I could not work in a situation like that.

I am worried that I will not find another job.  I have never been unemployed before.

I have also recently bought a house with my boyfriend of 8 years, and we are very happy in our relationship.  But then I dreamt that a man I went out with 20 years ago wants me back and we were surrounded by a beautiful light.  Does that mean anything?


It sounds like you have had a rough year.  Yes, you will find a job again.  All you need to do is apply for everything that you can find, and you will get a job because you are a good person with the right attitude.

What you experienced in your dream is a memory of what you had with the first boyfriend before things went wrong.  The dream has told you that what you now have is as good and you should not let your current boyfriend go.

Look forward to your future and you will achieve your dreams.

Remember that even though you are a medium, you are also a spiritual being on a human journey.  Everything that happens to you are meant to be learning experiences for you.  Rather than feel sorry for yourself or beat yourself up, look for the reason behind the experience.  See how the experience adds to your awareness.  The more you find the reason, the more you will have inner peace even when things do not go according to your plans. 

This is the reason why we are here.

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