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How Does Collective Consciousness Relate To My Divine Purpose?

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I want to understand how the collective consciousness relates to my divine purpose.

I am asking this because of a profound experience I had during a Reiki session.  When the Reiki practitioner put her hands over my body, I saw translucent hands covering hers.

The next moment I saw a group of bright, beautiful beings full of Love.  I sensed that the group was communicating their thoughts and feelings with me, but one of them led the wordless communication.  They told me I was greatly loved.

During this experience I was out of my body and I looked the same way they did, except that they contained more light than I did.  At that moment I understood that we are made of the same essence as they are.

They indicated that I was here for a purpose.  They did not tell me what that was, and I did not feel a need to ask.  They explained that they were always with me in this human experience that can at times be quite difficult.

I felt that I was one with them, but at the same time I did not lose the sense of my separateness as a human being.  I felt a deep sense of peace.  Before they let, they told me ‘you are a special person’.  That peace stayed with me for a while, but then faded.   However, the knowledge stayed.

I don’t know whether they were angels, but I like to think of them as the essence of Love.

I want to understand the experience I had.  Any thoughts?


What a lovely experience you had - and thank you for sharing it with me.

I am not sure what your question is, so I would add my own explanation and maybe that will add to your clarity.

Your body is a separate combination of entities, and this shell hosts your spirit.  What you experienced and how you saw yourself (i.e. shimmering with green and white etc.) was still only a reflection of your spirit.

How does your spirit look? Imagine that your entire essence can fit onto the sharp end of a pin. That is how dense your spirit is.  However, at the same time your spirit is larger than anything you can imagine - larger than our entire solar system and the Milky Way together. That is where the collective consciousness comes in.

Our brains are limited, but imagine your spirit to be a wave or even a collection of waves. Those waves mix with other waves and the result is fed back into our brains so that we can beaware and communicate with each other.  This is how e.g. you become aware of a person that you have not thought about for a while, and within minutes you receive an email or phone call from that person.

You may have noticed that many babies nowadays grow fast and are aware and observant at an age where you and I did not have the same level of ability.  These children have an enhanced facility to receive and process information, and they will need much less physical communication than other generations, because their intuitive abilities are at a higher level.

They tune into this collective consciousness at a much earlier age.

Also, have you noticed how we nowadays communicate with complete strangers using the internet and social media, and how strong friendships are formed between people who are only words and pictures on a computer screen?  That is how our collective consciousness is honed and used every day.

Another phenomenon is where groups of people protest against what they no longer accept, e.g. corrupt banks, pedophile rings etc.  Those individuals all feel the same need and are then drawn to like-minded individuals, and this attraction turns into action and activity.

In the same vein, if you want to find a mentor, all you need to do is send out the thought, and the right person will pick up your consciousness intention and connect with you long before you can attach the name and face of a person to the connection.

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