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I Am So Hungry but I Cannot Eat

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One day about a year ago I felt as if something was stuck in my throat, and it would not go away.  To cut a long story short, I have since been the subject of every imaginable medical test, with no results.  I have been living on baby food because that is all I can swallow.  I have now been advised to see a therapist and get anti-depressants.   I don't know where to turn next and I would love to eat a decent meal again!


I can understand your frustration - and even feel your hunger ;-(
Here is something that you can try with no side effects (unlike anti-depressants!)
It may be possible that around Feb 2010 things were happening in your life that you found very difficult to deal with.  I am writing this intuitively, so I will try to put it into the right words.  If your life at that time was such that you just 'could not stomach it' and you had to 'swallow your words' it may be that your body reacted by creating a blockage that you are experiencing as such discomfort.
It is also possible that whatever incident or emotions your body expresses in such a way is still a bit much for you to deal with, and that you will find it difficult to recall any of it - like trauma that results in memory loss.
Here is a safe and cheap - and VERY powerful - way to deal with it:
Get yourself an A4 exercise book and a pen.  Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier than you need to get up every morning, and write three pages in that A4 book.  Don't worry about what you write - just open your eyes and write 3 pages, and then stop.
Why do you need to do this so early in the morning?  Because when you awake, your brain is still in sleep mode.  There is normally a little censor in your head that for example tells you what not to say or how to count your words with some people, and while your brain is still in sleep mode, that little censor is still asleep and you can write freely.
Why only 3 pages?  Because by the time you have written 3 pages, you will be wide awake and aware of what you are writing. You must write no more than 3 pages, and then stop.
You must also write no less than 3 pages.  If you don't know what to write next, then write exactly that - until the next thought comes into your head, and then write down the next thought, until you have covered three full A4 pages.
There are a few more rules - all easy.  One is that you don't tell anyone about this.  What you will be writing will be a conversation between you and yourself.   The moment you tell anyone else about it, that person will want to know what you are writing, and the censor kicks in.
Another rule is that for the first two months, you just write and you DO NOT read at any time what you have written.  It does not matter what you have written.  What matters is that you write, and the process that happens inside of you.  After two months you can read everything, or shred it, or just leave it - you will know what to do with it.
What can you expect?  You may find yourself crying and not understand why.  If that happens, get some tissues and continue writing.  You may find that your handwriting changes - to bigger or smaller letters, all over the page rather than on the lines, and so on.  It does not matter.  What matters is that you follow all the rules.
You may also find that you write things that at other times may be shocking to you - all the more reason to not tell anyone about this, because it is nobody's business except yours.
You will eventually find that you write down a question and then write down the answer - especially to questions that you now cannot answer.
Let me know how this goes, and I will send lots of healing energy to you as well.

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