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How Can Meditation Help Me Reach God?

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How Can Meditation Help Me Reach God? How Can Meditation Help Me Reach God? Image courtesy of adamr/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I have recently discovered meditation and have been meditating for twenty minutes daily for the past two months.  I have already experienced some wonderful benefits, for example an increase in my confidence and realizing that I was going to do something wrong before I did it.

I have tried very hard to reach the deep meditative stage where I can directly connect with God and get answers to my questions.  At the moment I am going through a lot of changes in terms of my career, and I am really worried about making wrong decisions.  I feel that no matter how hard I try to connect to God to get help with these decisions, He is just not there.

What is the process for connecting to God?  I am worried that I have selected the wrong career and want God's opinion before it is too late.


Daily meditation is an excellent practice for calming down and clearing your mind.  The more you meditate, the more you will hear your own intuition which is also the voice of God.

Don't expect meditation to resolve all your problems.  You experience those problems because you are alive, and every single one of those experiences is meant to teach you some wisdom about yourself.

You will never have a life free of all conflict.  The question is not how you can use meditation to avoid the conflict, but how you can use meditation to open your intuition so that you can learn faster from the conflict that you experience.

Meditation is also not a means of passing your problems on to God.  It is rather a means of finding better solutions that you can apply yourself.

I feel your career choice was very good and the right decision.  What needs to change is the way you look at the decision.  If you wanted a career with no challenges, you will be disappointed because you will never get it.  And every time you 'fail' you learn something from that experience.  Of course you can just say 'I failed' or you can say 'I can improve on this.  Let me meditate on what I did and how I can learn from it and what I will not repeat next time.'

And that is where meditation will help you to learn and come up with better solutions.

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