Darlene Konye - USA

Elsabe is one of the most gifted and enlightened people that I have ever met. And I am so fortunate to have connected with her.

I met Elsabe at a time when my life was in shambles. I'd been through a traumatic time when I'd thought I'd lost my mom, my dog, and my job, all in a mere 24 hours. I was a mess, and I'd sulk every morning. 

One day this loving Universe showed me the most magnificant rainbow that I'd ever seen, and in a most unusual place. The very next day, the Universe showed me a cloud in the perfect shape of an angel. Every detail was there, and visible to me. Of course this distracted me from my woos. How could it not? You just don't see things like this every day. There was a Feeling about it all. I didn't know much at that time, but I could Feel that there was something really, really, Really special going on.

Not long after that happened, my daughter gave me a book on the Universal Law of Attraction. I could Feel that this book was a continuation of my rainbow and angel experience....but the pieces weren't falling into place. I could Feel something really special going on, but I was not grasping any of it intellectually. I wanted to understand what this was all about!

So in my quest for the answers, I turned to the internet, and most specifically Facebook. And there I found the person that could give me the guidance that I needed, to discover the answers that I wanted.

I have since realized, and I write this with tears of Joy in my eyes, that Elsabe showed me the way, to the realization that I had lost nothing, and that my whole experience caused me to find everything. I have found ME....and all that I thought that I had lost, was right there with ME. And today, I can honestly say....I am one of the wealthiest people on the face of our beautiful planet earth! Without Elsabe's loving nurturing and guidance, I would not and could not possibly be, where I am today.

Much Love and appreciation to Elsabe, and to anyone who reads this too!

You have discovered an excellent coach....and that didn't happen by accident or coincidence. Trust what Elsabe encourages you to do....trust your journey. Let yourself find and live the Joy in it. Elsabe can show you the way....you have only to be willing. And soon you to will be living the richness and fullness, that I now experience. What a beautiful experience we All are having.

Much Love to you!

Darlene Konye

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