Today I wanted a dream I had answered.

I spoke to my mum to please give an answer today to my dream as I was worried about the snake around her arm and I killed it with a knife.

My mum smiled at me. 

I came to this psychic event where I saw Elsabe who was amazing and answered what I wanted to know without me saying anything.

I healed my mum so I feel happy I helped her in spirit. 

I know now to wait and let things come, as I don't normally.  Amazing reading, and thank you for today.

God bless



It is true.


Thank you.


You have helped me understand my life. 

Thank you so much, Elsabe


Very powerful and scarily accurate


I have just had a reading and am left shaken - absolutely amazed and will definitely be back in touch.

Thank you Elsabe


Thank you very much.

I hope one day you will see me in the newspapers ;-)


That was extraordinary.  

I'v never had a reading before and I felt





I am so happy I made the decision to have a reading - definitely time to move on - very excited for the future.

Thank you


Thank you.  I know now that it's the right time for me to move on to bigger things.



Love the articles.

They brought joy to my heart and a tear to my eye. What a revelation to see in writing thoughts that are in my head and heart.

To hope others look at this journey in such non-traditional ways and to see it published is such a comfort.

Thank you.

Thank you my dear friend and as you said last week on my 3rd interview I would have a job. I start Wednesday.  Again thank you so very much!!!

It's really very assuring to hear from you about me attending my daughter's marriage and meet my grandchildrens. I have gone through the reviews of people from all over the world on your web site and I must say that you are doing a great service to the people of world who have lost their faith in life. I will try to follow what you have suggested and I am sure this will help me overcome my fear.  I have faith in you and your way of looking at things.


Elsabe is one of the most gifted and enlightened people that I have ever met. And I am so fortunate to have connected with her.

I met Elsabe at a time when my life was in shambles. I'd been through a traumatic time when I'd thought I'd lost my mom, my dog, and my job, all in a mere 24 hours. I was a mess, and I'd sulk every morning. 

It is so good to know that when I have questions about my business or when I panic you are on the other side of the phone - and always cool, calm and full of the right advice.

this lady is one of the most accurate and special ppl on the planet

Had a reading with this lovely lady, she was great. Gave me predication which should come to light before the weekend is up. Will post you all Monday if the predications come to light.

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