I asked Elsabe about work, and when i would find it. Without any words from me she asked me if a was looking with the NHS as a admin clerk and Yes she was right I had in fact applied there. She went on to say i would get a interview in sept and I HAVE on the 26th. So fingers crossed!!!

Had a fab reading with you today 1/10 and was so happy with the guidance you gave about my future with my man. Feel as though a weight has been lifted and can now see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much Elsabe, you are a very gentle, caring lady and I shall call again. Love, light and angel blessings xx

Such a lovely woman and so so consistent. Really gets to the root of the problem. She simply is a must.

just had a phone reading today 10/9/11 of the back of a text message and elsabe blew me away confirmed everything i know and feel to be true around this situation i did nt need to say much she linked staight in has a lovely sense of humor and didnt keep me on the phone longer than needed i would definately phone her again blessings

Hi Elsabe, just wanted to echo the many previous testimonials for you by saying 'Thank you so much' for my reading with you yesterday 10/09/2011. You asked me just one question - which area of my life I wanted to look at. You described my work situation so accurately, even the detail of the management group going into one room for hours on end every week, and coming out saying nothing at all to the staff about what's going on. So accurate! Yes it is like a whirlwind there, but I will take your advice and ride the storm a while longer. I am so glad you told me of the opportunity coming up for a sideways move. It's given me enough hope to keep going. And thank you for taking just 7 minutes to do my reading, no nonense or delving into other areas of my life. Exact, to the point and cost efficient. Blessings to you, we are so lucky to have you sharing your gift with us. Nicky x

This lady is incredible.

She is truly an angel.

Blessings to you.

I totally agree with the previous testimonial. This lady is remarkable. I hardly said a word and Elsabe gave me lots of information. Wish she was on more often because she has now become one of my favourites.

My first reading with Elsabe today 20.08 - it was facinating as I didn't ask what I really wanted to - this was because I wanted to see what Elsabe picked up. It was truly amazing - she picked up on quite a few things quite accurately and one prediction which fills me with excitement and I will keep you posted Elsabe. A very genuine lady. I love the way you put things across. It made me feel comforted by some of the things I know deep down are not going to come back round but this is because my ex and I are on different paths.

I promise to leave you feedback Elsabe - this lady leaves you feeling full of hope (definately worth her salt)!

Thank you. xxxxxxx

What a gifted psychic:) predictions came true about me getting a job. Fantastic!

I think this lady is remarkable.

I gave her no information at all and she was able to tell me the problem and gave specific validations regarding the male involved which were 100% correct.

I also had a mini reading with her some months back which actually happened, and it was an unlikely prediction for the time ;-)

Not only is she very gifted but I found her very inspiring and a real asset to PTC - I hope she will be in the studio again soon.


Dear Elsabe

Thank you for the reading that you gave me yesterday, you were spot on and connected straight away at a deep level. You are a very kind soul and very uplifting and i cant wait to have another reading with you soon!

Thanks for being there :)

I thought Elsabe was wonderful on the show today-Her text answer was extremely accurate-I have had a phone reading with her before now also and her predictions happened :)
Very deep, honest and interesting reader who can cut to the chase unassisted, also very wise and sincere-hope to see much more of her.

I was very skeptical and unsure about having a reading done, but I have a friend thad had a few readings and she convinced me to have a reading done. I had a reading done by Elsabé, not knowing what I am letting myself into. I was totally amazed how accurate the reading was, things that had happened in my past and good things that can make a change in my life if I follow my talent that I have to follow my dream! With great admiration would I suggest Elsabé to do your reading, you'd wished that you've crossed paths with her much sooner! Thanks Elsabé, your reading is much appreciated.

thank you SOO much!!!  :)  i was wrong, ur not smart.  ur BRILLIANT!!!

That is an amazing answer and brings up lots of "stuff" I can think about further........I've always dived in and not thought things through and this has given me the chance to take my time and not panic.

I've spent a lifetime in pain......and it will take me time, but how lucky am I to have someone so beautful in my life to learn and share it with. :-) Thank you so much

Makes perfect sense!

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