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  1. Emotional First Aid

    Emotional First Aid

    Do you often get into situations that affect you emotionally?  

    Do you want to be less emotional and more in charge?

    Do you want to get a quick fix that works every time?

    Listen to this video - not while driving - and find a quick way to overcome those emotions.

  2. Using Energy in Business

    Using Energy in Business

    Did you think that spirituality is separate from business?  

    Or that there is no place for anything you practice at home when you get to the office?

    Or even worse - do you have a business selling esoteric stuff but you don't apply spiritual rules to your business?

    Do you say what you do, and then do what you say?  Do you do this as a business owner and also as a customer?

    Listen to this video and see how you can improve your business by using spiritual rules.

  3. Ending a Relationship

    Ending a Relationship

    Do you need to end a relationship? 

    Or have you ended a relationship which is still troubling you?

    This short talk will give you a way to finish the business and move on.

  4. Forgiveness


    Do you need to forgive anyone?  

    Do you find it difficult to forgive?

    Why should you even bother to try?

    Here is the very important answer that will change your life.

  5. Getting Through a Spiritual No-Man's Land

    Getting Through a Spiritual No-Man's Land

    Have you tried everything to get out of an unacceptable situation and nothing is working? 

    Or have you put all your efforts into creating the next phase of your life and it is just not falling into place? 

    Are you physically exhausted from doing planning and affirmations, and finding opportunities?

    Then you have hit that no-man's land.

    Watch this video to understand why it is happening and how you can get out of that space.

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  • Emma - UK
    What a gifted psychic:) predictions came true about me getting a job. Fantastic!
  • Kellydawn, USA
    Thank you my dear friend and as you said last week on my 3rd interview…
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