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  1. Think Before You Post Those Memes

    Think Before You Post Those Memes


    We all want to spread joy in the world, right?

    And we all are on social media where this is as easy as pressing a button, right?  Wrong.  So far I know seven people who are not on Facebook.  How in the world do they keep up with family gossip and world politics?

    Jokes aside, I often see “spiritual” posts on social media that makes it clear the creator or sender is not familiar with spiritual laws, and they don’t think before they spread the words.

    Here is an innocent-looking meme I found on a social media group:

     “To protect your energy:  It’s okay to cancel a commitment.  It’s okay to not answer a call.  It’s okay to change your mind.  It’s okay to want to be alone.  It’s okay to take a day off.  It’s okay to do nothing.  It’s okay to speak up. 

  2. Following a Spiritual Path

    This is what will be covered in module 1:

    3 February 2019: Following a Spiritual Path

    1. What is a spiritual path?
    2. Why do I feel like the odd one out?
    3. Am I dealing with the devil?
    4. What if I want to turn back?
    5. How do I deal with a non-believing partner?

    Book your seat by clicking on the top right button for payment.

    Click here to see the contents of the entire course I want to know about spirituality... 

  3. I Want to Know About Spirituality ….

    I Want to Know About Spirituality ….

    Are you a beginner on your spiritual path?

    Are you thirsty for knowledge but you don’t know where to start?

    Do you want to know more about who you re, without becoming a medium or a psychic?

    Then this course is for you.

    More and more people are turning their backs on churches and organised religion because they are disillusioned with all the scandals and double standards that are always in the news. 

    If going to church is not the solution, then what is?

    Staying away from church is also not a solution, because that leaves a void, and you float in the ocean of life, rudderless and with no compass to guide you to your destination.

    Have you tried going to the spiritualist church?  You may find a home there, or you may find that

  4. Specials on the Black Friday Sale!

    Specials on the Black Friday Sale!

    So, it’s the fourth Friday in November, and time for the Black Friday sales. 

    There is a long weekend (because Thanksgiving is on the fourth Thursday of November) where people who normally ignore each other get together and pretend to be happy to see each other.  They eat and drink and deny the undercurrents of family rivalry and animosity.  They end up with a hangover and a lot of frustration because nothing has changed since the previous Thanksgiving.

    So what is the answer?  Retail therapy.  And the additional justification is that Christmas is only a few weeks away, and this is the ideal opportunity to buy mindless Christmas gifts for a pagan holiday.

    This is where the Black Friday Sales come in handy.

    Why is it called Black Friday?  Apparently the term

  5. Exchanging Energy in Business

    Exchanging Energy in Business

    Exchanging energy in business?  Surely that cannot be right?  In business you exchange goods or services for money?

    Yes, that is true – you do exchange goods or services for money.  But what is money?  What are the goods?   Where do the services come from?

    Everything in this world is energy.  And this world is in complete balance.  Where it appears that things are not in balance, this is simply because we focus on the one side of the coin, and try to delude ourselves that there is no other side to the coin.  Every coin has two sides, whether we like it or not.  For every upside, there is a price to pay.  For every downside, there is a benefit we need to acknowledge.

    This complete balance needs to also be in business transactions.

    Spot the


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