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  1. A Tangled Web of Love

    A Tangled Web of Love

    What do you do when you are involved in a love triangle?

    What if the situation continues even when one partner dies?

    Sophie has been living a life of duplicity in a love triangle for decades, so that she could save her marriage.

    Now her grand-daughter, Karen, faces a different challenge and a love triangle in her marriage.

    Karen has a near-death experience which changes her life and her marriage.

    The only way to for everyone to make sense of their situations is to accept supernatural experiences.

    Love has different facets, and not all of them can be explained rationally.

    Download "A Tangled Web of Love” today, and read or listen to this book on Kindle, computer, tablet or smartphone.

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  2. A Blue Moon

    A Blue Moon

    A woman gets arrested for the murder of her friend based on flimsy evidence.

    Then the murdered woman returns and leaves solid evidence as well as hints with various people,
    including a hard-nosed detective and his solicitor friend, who finally put their doubts aside.

    An international drug ring is broken up with the help of a naughty ghost, and the
    lives of all involved are changed irrevocably.

    Download "A Blue Moon” today, and read or listen to this book on Kindle, computer, tablet or smartphone.

    Click here to order from Amazon in the United States: Kindle  Using Tarot for Successful Decisions: How to Get Guidance from Tarot Major Arcana - Audio

    Using Tarot for Successful Decisions: How to Get Guidance from Tarot Major Arcana - Audio

    Learning to use tarot cards can be daunting. The cards contain so much information, and the meanings can differ for each person and situation. 

    This book aims to provide details on the symbols captured in the tarot major arcana cards, and helps you apply the knowledge to your problems and challenges. 

    You don’t need to recall or memorise loads of information.  You only need to respond to specific questions on the card you draw, to get guidance on your challenge.

    Master Tarot Major Arcana Easily Using the Card Sequence and Symbols to Guide You

    • The journey through life and the conflict resolution process
    • Explanations of the symbols on the cards and their
  3. The Magic of Words

    What happens when a globally recognised figure who is active on social media does not understand the power of his words?

    Firstly, those words reverberate around the world within minutes, because of social media.

    We need to understand the power of our words.  Saying words is the final part of the creation process, and every word carries its own magic.

    We also need to take responsibility for what happens in our own small corner of the world, by being aware of the consequences of what we say.

    Any eye for an eye based on words spoken in haste or words not thought through does not make the world a more peaceful place.

    Rather than say "we are not like that" - and adding a barrier, say "Tell me more? I want to know about the other side"
    The result is that we accept and tolerate our differences, and look out for each other.

    Listen to Elsabe Smit explaining the magic of our words on The Elsabe Smit Show on 10th

  4. Acupuncture: The Tip of the Iceberg

    Acupuncture: The Tip of the Iceberg

    How does acupuncture work?

    Acupuncture is only one of the five pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    Paul Roger explains the power of acupuncture when it is used as part of a holistic approach.

    Paul is a qualified acupuncturist and a member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners.

    He is passionate about Traditional Chinese Medicine and feels genuine care for all of his patients. His mission is to help them get rid of their pains, discomforts and stresses, so that they can make the most out of their life and enjoy it to the fullest.  Result-driven, he keeps studying the various forms of acupuncture in addition to pursuing a diploma in Chinese Osteopathy.

    Originally from Normandy, France, Paul has settled in the UK with his wife in


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