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How I Work

To explain how I work, I will use an analogy.  A house is never built from the roof down.  Instead the building works start by laying the appropriate type of foundation.  The design of the house considers many environmental aspects before deciding what the correct foundation for that specific home is.

During a coaching programme, the approach that I will be following with you is very similar.  We do not just look at circumstances, reactions and ways of handling issue.  Instead, we define the bigger picture - your long term goals, vision and values - so we can create awareness and develop action plans that start from a much deeper place and lead you to a more meaningful destination.

As with any structure, if the framework and foundation have not been properly developed and strengthened, anything we build on it will easily crumble and fall. This is why YOU rather than your circumstances are the focus.

When we explore and step back to look at the bigger picture, we often find that all the different areas of our lives flow together.  Nothing is really black and white, and there are lots of overlaps and connections. All your actions, emotions, reactions etc. come from the same source – YOU!

You bring YOU to work, to your relationships, to the time you spend with your family and friends, and so on.  At the end of the day the fact is that even if it appears that your "challenge" is within a specific area of your life and has nothing to do with YOU, there are many other undercurrents of YOU that play a significant role on your current situation.

But I am here to guide you to get to know and love the real YOU!


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    You can feel the compassion in her words, how awesome is that. Thank you so…
  • Nicole - USA
    thank you SOO much!!! :) i was wrong, ur not smart. ur BRILLIANT!!!
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