The Coaching Relationship

Our Relationship - Coach / Client

There is no doubt that the relationship created between me as your coach and you, the client, is unique.

During the course of our coaching relationship, there will be times during which we will feed off each other through our personalities and experiences, your openness to coaching etc.  No two client-coach relationships are the same.

The coaching relationship is what holds the power and the connection between the two of us. At the same time you, the client, will have full ownership, accountability and power to move towards your specific goals.

Because a coach-client relationship is one of deeply developed trust, I guarantee complete confidentiality in our relationship.

What you discuss or disclose to me stays with me.  Notwithstanding this, I may refer to some of our experiences so that I can share it with other individuals experiencing the same challenges or successes as you.  If I identify that your case has value to others I will nonetheless request your permission beforehand and respect your decision.

Here is what I will require from you:

  • Total commitment to live an extraordinary life
  • Responsibility for the results of your coaching process
  • Commitment to the coaching sessions, and that you take the appropriate steps and actions to integrate the coaching principles with your own thinking, speaking and actions
  • That you tell the truth, and be honest with yourself and me even if it is uncomfortable
  • That you be respectful of the time commitment we make together
  • Readiness to be resourceful, creative and whole, and therefore also accountable

In turn, you should expect of me as your coach, to:

  • Hold and support your vision and goals, and provide structure that helps you make conscious choices
  • Challenge you to step beyond your present limitations as you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be
  • Be an objective and active listener
  • Tell the truth - give you straight feedback.  I will not be confrontational.  Instead, I will invite you to look at yourself, your relationships and your choices etc. from a different angle

As a coach I will not offer you solutions or give you advice.  Instead, my role is to create a space where you can have thought-provoking experiences.  I will lead you to be curious and challenge you by asking questions that will lead you on a path of discovery.  I will enable you to dig deeper into yourself and your life, while guiding you to look at things from different perspectives, so that you can find the appropriate path, solutions and actions.

With this approach you, the client, will be empowered.  You are given choices, and you remain at all times in full control of your life.  This enables you to create the desired outcomes by using the potential that I as a coach know that you have, and which it is my task to show you.

The proposed coaching alliance between us will be as strong as the power you grant the relationship.  It is built on mutual trust, respect, honesty, integrity, deep care and commitment.


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