Discover Yourself! Love Your Life

That's my mission in life.


I have created a business geared at guiding you to understand the mysteries of life and love, so that you can regain control of your life. I bring to you my extensive knowledge of life, business and relationships.

I am a seasoned motivation and development professional with over 20 years practice of assisting people to grow in their personal, work or business lives.  I provide a range of services designed to assist you in selecting the most appropriate service for what you need right now. I also facilitate group motivational, development and empowerment programs in businesses and organisations.

I invite you to browse the website to get to know a bit more about me and my services.

For you to have first hand experience of my services, I have launched the ASK ELSABE program - a free introductory process that enables you to contact me and pose one free question about a subject that is bothering you.  This service will enable you not only to assess my capabilities to provide the service that you want, but more importantly to see if what I offer is what you need right now. I invite you to send me your free question now!

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Latest Reviews

  • Gary - Reading - Uk
    Pretty good, I have to say! Positive & nice but with food advice for me!…
  • Emma - UK
    What a gifted psychic:) predictions came true about me getting a job. Fantastic!
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