Saint Benedict Day

Benedict was born into an important family in central Italy, studied at Rome decided to become a monk.

Initially he became a hermit, but he realized


that even a small town was not the place to live a hidden life. 

He went to liuve in a cave high in the mountains for three years. A few monks regarded him as their leader, but he turned out to be too strict for their taste.  

However, he realised that his goals would be achieved better by establishing a monastry where monks could experience the benefit of unity, fraternity, and permanent worship in one place.  He built one of the most famous monasteries in the world, Monte Cassino, outside Naples. 

Benedictine monks live a life of liturgical prayer, study, manual labor and living together in community under an abbot. These monks care about the people in the surrounding countryside. 

Today there are two branches of Benedictines, namely the Benedictine Federation and the Cistercians.

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