Saint Vladimir the Great Day

St. Vladimir the Great was born around 958 and died on 15th July 1015.

Vladimir was violent, sneaky, womanising barbarians.  Then both got baptised. 

Clovis did not change much and in fact


assassinated his royal relatives. 

However, Vladimir wanted to show a clear contrast in his life as a result of the baptism.  

Sviatoslaf had three sons: Iaropolk, Oleg, and Vladimir. There were a number of civil wars in which Iaropolk killed Oleg.  Vladimir then killed Iaropolk, and fell in love with Iaropolk 's fiancée. 

Vladimi demanded her in marriage from the Variag Rogvolod. However, the princess said that she would never marry the son of a slave (Vladimir's mother was a servant).  Vladimir's father had always treated him as the equal of his half-brothers.

Vladimir took the insult badly and decided to sack Polotsk, the area that Rogvolod reigned over, kill Rogvolod and his two sons, and force the princess, Rogneda, to marry him.

After Vladimir had murdered Iaropolk, he also took Iaropolk's widow, a beautiful Greek nun who was left pregnant by Iaropolk. Vladimir also had a Bohemian and a Bulgarian wife, and another, and he had sons by all of them. 

On top of all this he kept eight hundred concubines.  Vladimir continued to war and plunder. 

He reconquered Red Russia from the Poles, quelled a revolt of the Viatitchi and Radimitchi, and exacted tribute from the Lithuanian Iatvagi and Livonian tribes of Letts, or Finns.

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