Absurd dreams

Absurd dreams

Do you ever dream stuff and when you wake up, you can just shake your head and wonder?

I often remember my dreams, and I make notes of my dreams so that I can see the patterns or unscramble the pertinent information from those dreams.

Over a period of a week, I have had three strange dreams – and the most recent one is not for the faint-hearted.

I will start with the first one.  There is a popular shrub in South Africa (portulacaria afra) which in Afrikaans is known as spekboom (roughly translated as bacon tree).  The shrub is known for its ability to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by acting like a carbon sponge, improving the quality of the air we breathe.  It also has medicinal value, and the leaves can be eaten in salads.  I 100dreamt that someone complained to me about their shrub growing too slowly.  I remarked that it is because they neglected to plant an eggplant (aubergine) next to it.  The person clearly thought I had lost my marbles.  I laughed and said, “that happens when you ask me of all people for gardening advice”.

The second dream was also quite funny.  I dreamt that I was in bed with a married man (contrary to my nature, because I do not sleep around, and I do not have much patience for philanderers and their emotional issues).  I asked the man when he expected his wife back, and he said she would only be back the following evening.  I said in that case, I would leave early in the morning.  The next moment, the wife was unlocking the front door while talking on her phone.  I then actually woke up and found myself standing next to my bed, searching in the dark for my clothes.  I had a good chuckle and went back to sleep with a smile on my face.

The third dream was one of those seriously disturbing dreams full of symbolism that I have learnt over the years not to ignore.  I dreamt that someone asked me to listen out for the oven clock.  The person asked me to add onion slices and water to the dish in the oven and set the clock for another hour.  I agreed.  When the oven clock went off, I opened the oven, to find a ginger cat in the oven dish.  The cat was still alive – barely – and I realised that even if I took the cat out of the oven, it would die soon.  This is when I woke up.

Now for the symbolism in this weird dream.  A cat represents the sensual and loving side of your personality.  Of course, the oven represents heat and danger.  Interestingly, an onion represents a loyal but bad-tempered lover.  Water represents intellect and common sense together with creativity.  (Of course, there are more meanings for these symbols, but it is important to identify the meanings that resonate with you when looking up the symbols.)

The picture that is forming for me is that a man will cross my path.  There may be some attraction there, but I will need to think carefully about any possible relationship because there are layers in such a relationship that I cannot see at the moment.

Time will tell, but I want to thank the Universe for the early warning.  When these warnings come, I know from experience that I cannot avoid the situation, but I can change the outcome – forewarned is forearmed.

When you get weird nightmares, do not just ignore them.  Look up the meaning of the symbols and learn to see the pieces of the puzzle.  This is like learning a new language.


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