Creation and manifestation

Creation nd manifestation

I often encounter concepts in my psychic readings that I have to accept, because I know that these concepts come from a place of truth.  It is so exciting to then find proof and confirmation. 

For many years I explained to my clients that the creation cycle consists of seven periods rather than seven days.  I explained that we use six periods of time to create, and then one period of rest, and only then does our creation manifest.

Because we do not understand this creation cycle, we do not put everything we have into the six periods of creation.  Then we get to the period of rest, and rather than rest, we get despondent, frustrated and angry because “nothing is happening” despite our best efforts. 

I discovered this in the Zohar (Beresheet B, section 38): “…the first Five Days of Creation do not deal with real time, but rather with spiritual phases.  During these Five Days all the forces and entities of creation were maintained to a state of potential.  The Sixth day of Creation refers to their physical manifestation, and the start of their physical existence … The upper produce fruit and the lower calls upon the upper TO RECEIVE FROM THEM THE FRUIT THEY ARE TO BEAR IN THE WORLD…” (Capitals and italics from the Zohar).

This puzzled me, because the message to me has been consistent in that there are six periods of creation and then a seventh period of rest.

Then I discovered this in the same section of the Zohar: “All remained stored until the time came to RELEASE THE FORCES, NAMELY ON THE SIXTH DAY”.  To me this means that “as above, so below” came into effect on the sixth day, and this is when the creation was completed.  Then comes a period of rest, followed by six periods of rapid manifestation (while at the same time we are creating for the next cycle of manifestation which could take months or years).

What this has brought home to me is the importance of creating all the time, and not just when you feel you need an item or experience.  We create all the time already without even realising it.  We can enhance this creation with conscious planning, daydreaming, and visualising.  The more we create, the more fruitful our lives can be.

Of course, on a higher level, we can simply be, and let God’s creation flow over us.  This does not mean resting on your laurels and leaving all creation to God and to those who (for good or for evil) understand and use the creation and manifestation process.

Simply being with God every day is a formidable part of the creation process.  Let’s make that our focal part for every day.


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