How to find the perfect partner

How to find the perfect partner

I can see I have your attention because you want to find the perfect lover.  But what about friends that believe in you and uplift you?  Do you have a business partner that is in sync with you?

Rumi said that when you share inner sight with a person, you are drawn to be companions.

What is this inner sight?  In today’s language we talk about people sharing the same vibration. 

People often come to me for guidance when they are leaving a destructive relationship or getting divorced.  Of course, feeling most unwelcome at work and being made redundant relates to the same underlying issue.   These people are often in a state and all they want is to be hugged and reassured that everything will be OK.

I can hand out the hugs and reassurance, but that is only a temporary solution. 

Like attracts like.

When you leave any relationship, whether it is a love or work or business or friendship or even a family relationship, you do find yourself in a lonely space, and you can be tempted to accept anyone who is willing to fill the gap.

However, pause there for a moment. 

What is your inner sight or vibration at that moment? If you are broken, you will attract someone who is broken, and if you want someone else to make you whole, you will attract a person who would expect you to be whole.  This sounds like a vicious circle to me.

What is the solution?  No matter how lonely you feel when you are in that space, don’t settle for whoever wants to share that space with you. 

Rather ask yourself a very powerful question: how has that relationship changed me so that I have become a better, stronger and wiser person?  It may take you a week or a few months to get a clear answer.  It is not about how long it takes.  What is important is that whenever strong emotions related to the relationship and its ending overwhelm you, you need to change your thoughts so that you ask yourself this question.

You will know you have the complete answer when you feel gratitude for the way the person has treated you during and towards the end of the relationship.  Once you can express that gratitude for the wisdom you have gained about yourself from the experience, your entire vibration goes up a notch, and it never falls back to a lower vibration again.

That is the point where you are ready to share your inner sight with a person who can then be your companion – not your rescuer or nurse or fellow complainant, but your companion in spirit.  That is something to strive for, wouldn’t you think?


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