Human prosperity

Human prosperity

I read this paragraph in the Srimad Bhagavatham (Canto 1 Ch 8 text 40): “Human prosperity flourishes by natural gifts and not by gigantic industrial enterprises.  The gigantic industrial enterprises are products of a godless civilisation, and they cause the destruction of the noble aims of human life.  The more we go on increasing such troublesome industries to squeeze out the vital energy of the human being, the more there will be unrest and dissatisfaction of the people in general although a few only can live lavishly by exploitation,  the natural gifts such as grains and vegetables, fruits, rivers, the hills of jewels and minerals, and the seas full of pearls are supplied by the order of the Supreme, and as He desires, material nature produces them in abundance or restricts them at times.   The natural law is that the human being may take advantage of these godly gifts by nature and satisfactorily flourish on them without being captivated by the exploitative motive of lording it over material nature. The more we attempt to exploit material nature according to our whims of enjoyment, the more we shall become entrapped in the reaction of such exploitative attempts.”

This paragraph in itself gives us a lot to think about.  We do not need massive industries of manufactured goods to be prosperous.  We have grown away from our natural abundance of what nature provides and this is causing unrest and dissatisfaction.

Does this mean we should not be productive and live well on the proceeds?

On the contrary. 

Find a copy of the book “The science of getting rich” by Wallace Wattles.  This book was written over a hundred years ago and is even more valid today.  The book explains how it is a wonderful gift to become rich, as long as you gather those riches to benefit humanity, and as long as you remember to not become rich at the expense of someone else.  Let’s say each person can go to the ocean every day and get a bucket of water every day.  We know there is enough water in the ocean for everyone.  Then why would one person want to get ten buckets every day at the expense of nine other people?

It is the same with the earthly riches we create.  The more you share your riches, the richer you will become.  And no, that does not mean some people work hard so that they have riches to share, while others do nothing apart from coming to collect their share of riches that they did not work for.  Each one of us has an obligation to use our God-given talents to create riches and make the world a better place.

What will you create and share today?


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