I read this in the Srimad Bhagavatam (Canto 1 Ch 8):

“The spirit soul is transcendental to all material calamities; therefore the so-called calamities are called false.  A man may see a tiger swallowing him in a dream, and he may cry for this calamity.  Actually there is no tiger and there is no suffering, but it is simply a case of dreams.  If someone is lucky enough to get in contact with the Lord by devotional service, it is all gain.”

This reminded me of the book The holographic universe where the author, Michael Talbot, describes why and how we live in our version of reality.  This is now as true and as evident as it will ever be.  There is a world full of people who believe that all they need to do is play the game and wait it out at all costs (even if it means losing their health).  No matter how often the goal posts are moved, they just go with the flow and cling to their beliefs even if it kills them.

There is a separate world filled with people who are watching a brave and Love-filled world unfolding, full of kindness and opportunities like humanity has never seen before.   This second world watches with fascination how the structured world that they grew up in crumbles day after day as the most horrendous lies are exposed.  They understand that what you think about and thank about, you bring about.  They also understand that we create out own reality and our own future with our thoughts and actions.

Which is the illusion, and which is the truth?

The only way to get a firm answer to that is to go within.   When you communicate with your maker, ask yourself who you are not.  You can answer the question of who you are by simply saying “I am”.  Anything else is part of who you are not.

Birds do not question in the morning whether they can still sit on a branch and sing to welcome the daybreak.  They believe that the branch is there, and that they can sing, and that the day will break.  They have faith.


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