The feel good factor

The feel-good factor

you have done?  And sometimes that feeling is like a warm glow that covers your entire body, and the moment stays with you for the rest of your life.

The Zohar (Beresheet B, 41) states: “The body of man is a reflection of Upper World forces.  Every act we perform in our lower world initiates a corresponding spiritual action in the Upper Worlds.  The magnitude of each action, however, is concealed from us.  The simple physical hand movement of reaching into one’s pocket to draw a few coins for charity arouses little effect in our physical environment.  In the realm of the spirit, however, this act moves mountains.  Scanning through the Aramaic text is another such action.  It generates unimaginable positive energy for the reader, and into the world.”

We are not our bodies. We are spiritual being inhabiting these bodies.

Everything we do has this effect of reverberating in the spiritual world – some actions more than others.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we can live our lives focusing on doing good to others at least once a day?

At the same time we need to consider the spiritual Law of Non-interference.  Don’t go out now and take over the lives of others because you want to have that “I have done good” feeling – that is not the point.

When you focus on increasing your own vibration, you will be guided on when to help others and when to stay out.

Remember, your actions reverberate in the upper realms not only when you do something for others, but also when you do something for yourself, such as working on making your own spirit purer.


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