To your good health

To your good health

I have always had an interest in health and healing, especially since the book Deep Blue was channelled through me.  My healing consisted of powerful psychic messages and balancing the chakras and auras.  I have recently discovered the mind-blowing zone technique, which I am now qualified to use.

Within a very short space of time I have, together with my clients, already experienced the following:

  • A toddler with breathing problems was released from ICU within hours of receiving the healing
  • Back-ache that was limiting movement for ten years disappeared within three days.
  • Daily vomiting and nausea after each meal disappeared.
  • Depression is gone after a week.
  • Debilitating period pains disappeared within an hour.
  • Diagnosed MS (confirmed with blood tests) is gone after 6 weeks.
  • A “shrinking finger” got life back and can now be used normally.
  • Anxiety attacks that could not be treated by other professionals disappeared after a 15-minute treatment.
  • Swollen ankles are now normal.
  • Joint and muscle pains melt away after a few treatments.

This amazing method does not only work on the physical level.  Without the metaphysical basis the results will still be there, but they will materialise much slower and be far less potent.

Am I claiming the credit?  On the contrary.  I am expressing my gratitude to my Maker for allowing me to help heal humanity with this powerful method.

Let me know how I can help you.


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