What about Jesus?

What about Jesus?

I have intuitively had issues with the Jesus that is reflected in the Bible for many years.  It just never sat right with me.

My concerns were not so much with the words that were attributed to Jesus, because in most instances those words make sense and convey wisdom. My concerns were about Jesus the man, and the contradictory information that I came across. 

On the one hand, there is the Jesus of the Bible who was conceived magically by a virgin.  This Jesus learnt the skill of carpentry, and then disappeared off the scene for a while.  Then this Jesus came back at around the age of 33 years and died on the cross.  He then got resurrected from the dead and continued his work as a spirit.  Fair enough – although this could be said of over twenty mythical figures in different cultures around the world.  That told me the whole virgin birth story was a myth warmed up for a political agenda of the time, and there was nothing original about the situation.

I also came across a contradictory story, where a woman of a sect called the Virgins gave birth to Jesus.  Then Jesus grew up and went to visit India and even Glastonbury in England.  He then was crucified at the age of 33 years.  A woman called Mary Magdalene and a few helpers got him off the cross and nursed him to health.  They got married and had three children.  They eventually got divorced, and the last of Jesus was seen and heard when he was in his seventies.

I have always found both versions to not ring true with me.

I have recently listened to a lovely person called Master Lama Rasaji explain the life story of Jesus.  He clarified numerous details, including the careers of those three wise men and the purpose of those gifts they bore – and it made complete sense to me.  This is not the story as reflected in the Bible, but rather the facts that were preserved in a lama serai that is over 3000 years old.  Master Lama Rasaji also described the story about Jesus having gotten married and fathering three children as “new age BS”.  That also made sense to me, but I was still looking for the missing piece of the puzzle.  Why was there such a strong focus on the life of Jesus, and which version can be believed nearly two millennia later?

I have now started reading a document containing one of the missing books in the Bible.  Allegedly this book contains the preachings of Jesus.  I am not even at the meaty part yet, and I think I may be onto something here.  The introduction to this document explains that the focus was not on the life of Jesus, but on the message he delivered.  Apparently, all those details about his life were made up decades and even centuries after he had lived, and that is why there are so many contradictions in the stories inside and outside of the Bible.

It seems that the focus was meant to be on the wisdom that Jesus spread on the earth.  However, at various stages greedy little people decided to resurrect the virgin birth myths and embroider on these myths.

The purpose of these creative attempts to describe the life of Jesus was not to clarify his life and personal history, but to divert attention from the message he brought to earth – however he got here, which is not relevant.

Now that makes sense to me.  Some little men in dresses decided that the wisdom Jesus spread was so good that it did not suit their agendas, and they had to change the focus.  So, rather than focus on the message, they embroidered on the life of the messenger, and somehow that is what got stuck in the collective consciousness.

Time to get back to what is important, namely the message rather than the messenger.  To be continued. Namaste.

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