What are you thinking?

What are you thinking?

The philosopher Rumi said, “Your thinking is like a camel driver, and you are the camel: it drives you in every direction under its bitter control.”

Imagine the thought you woke up with this morning is like a stone that you throw into a pond.  Imagine the concentric circles that went out from the stone.  Those concentric circles touched on everyone and everything in its way for a long time.

Did your thought bless the world?  Did your thought put a smile on your face?

Did your thought disturb you because you allowed someone to grab your first thought?  Do you realise that the concentric circles going out from your first thought – and from all subsequent thoughts – touched every person in the way until the circle stopped?

Can you imagine how much joy you can bring to many people just with a thought?  They are aware of you when your thought hits them on the way out, and they return your thought to you.

At the same time, do you realise that once a destructive thought goes from you, it touches everything in its way like a destructive wave, and it cannot be stopped.

Be aware of what you allow yourself to think.

Think with Love.

If you cannot do that, then use meditation to resolve those negative thoughts into the ether one after the other, until you are only left with joy during every waking moment.


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