We Wish You ...Happy Holidays!

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Regardless of your beliefs, December is a month of celebrating a new dawn and hope rising.



Christmas is the time of the year that normally gets me thinking.  I receive Christmas cards from people that assume I share their sentiments about Christmas.  This is my dilemma:  how to I reciprocate?

My first inclination is to simply say thank you, and not to reciprocate with a similar card, because giving a similar card would be dishonest for me.  You see, I do not believe that a person called Jesus that might (or might not) have lived 2 000 years ago will someday come and rescue me when I do things that are against my true nature of Love.

I recently read about an atheist who got quite fed up with all the religious Christmas cards that he received, and who did not want to reciprocate with the bland alternative of "happy holidays".

He designed his own card with this wording on the cover: 'On December 25th, a Savior was born. He revealed eternal Truth, bringing Joy to millions. He astonished the world with His command over Nature. He changed history forever.'

You open up the card it says:

 'Happy Birthday, Sir Isaac Newton. December 25, 1642 - March 20, 1726.'

I had a chuckle when I read that, and I thought 'good for you'.  Am I an atheist?  No.  My belief in a God of Love is far too strong for that, and I see proof of God every day.

Of course there is the other extreme, namely a complete and destructive addiction to fantasy.  I am referring to the English teacher who lost her job recently because she told a group of seven-year-olds that Santa Claus was not real.  This caused such outrage among parents that they insisted on her dismissal.  Would those parents have preferred that the teacher rather lie to their children at all costs?  Or did the behavior of the parents reflect an incredible fear of facing anything other than the indoctrination of their religions?

As you are aware by now, my blog on interfaith religious holidays is all about digging for the truth.  When I did the research on Christmas, I discovered some fascinating roots for the whole tradition of Christmas and other similar religious festivals that take place around this time of the year.

My conclusion is that people just love to celebrate the Love that they believe in.  It does not matter that our beliefs differ.  This need to celebrate something is reflected in both the well-known and the more obscure religious holidays.

It is interesting that most seasonally bound religious holidays have a different meaning in the different hemispheres, but there is a similar theme that is celebrated on or around 25th December, no matter where you are in the world.  Whether you celebrate the heathen Saturnalia, or the Christian Christmas, or the Hindu Pancha Ganapati, or the Jewish Hanukkah, or the Wicca Yule, the theme is a dawning of a new light and renewal.  In the Northern hemisphere the days become longer and that brings new life and hope for the future.  In the Southern hemisphere it is probably a more spiritual new dawning.  Either way, the old and discarded makes way for the new, and hope rises in the hearts of all people.

For me, 'happy holidays' is not a bland wish.  I like the energy that rises during this time of the year, whether it is spiritual or commercial.  We all feel different and we are all affected by the rising energy.  Our choice is to be affected with joy or with irritation.  I choose joy and Love.  After all, what you say becomes.  So, when I say 'happy holidays', I truly wish you a series of happy holidays, with the emphasis on happy.  My intention is to have a whole long month of happy holidays with lots of Love and sunshine and blessings.

And may this new, strong energy that comes into our awareness bring you the fulfillment of all your dreams – even the wildest ones.  Have fun!

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