13th June 2014

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  • I am afraid it CAN be cured: How I conquered fibromyalgia

    Have you been told that fibromyalgia cannot be cured?

    Listen to the remarkable recovery of Elizabeth Coetzee who was diagnosed with this dis-ease, lost everything and made a full recovery.  Here is a taster of what you can expect:

    "I will always remember August 2013 as the month my life changed. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. It was the day I could say to myself "I'm not mad, not imagining things". I can say it out loud: I have been suffering from pain and fatigue for a long time every second of my life. I could never explain or talk about it.

    I went to the doctor because of an extreme pain in my left shoulder and I though that I was having a heart attack. After examination the doctor referred me to a rheumatologist for tests. The rheumatologist confirmed with the doctor that I have" Fibromyalgia" - until that day I'd never heard of this. After numerous blood tests, a visit to a cardiologist and a psychiatrist, they all confirmed that the diagnosis was Fibromyalgia.

    On 8th May 2014 I had a follow-up visit with the rheumatologist. He was very concerned - due to the fact that the pain had spread into my joints as well. He had never seen such a rapid progression in any illness. He was concerned that at that rate the possibility of arthritis and being wheelchair bound within 3 month was high. My life collapsed in the following months. Being at an ultimate low during the worst Fibromyalgia pain, I wrestled during the night and made a decision: I will have a full life. Fibromyalgia will not steal my life from me.

    The healing journey began. Through lots of prayer and conversations with God, God lead me to various modalities. I learned how to release emotional blockage through the Journey method that was made known by Brandon Bays. I attended acupuncture weekly, drank Chinese medicine and changed my diet. This process continued for one year. Then I learned about Spiritual healing, meditation and Traditional Chinese medicine and Qi Gong. These routines became part of my daily life. Within 10 months I was weaned off all the western medicine prescribed by the doctors. These medicines included morphine derivatives, anti-depressants, sleeping tablets, inflammatory tablets and more.

    I have healed completely from Fibromyalgia. I have had no pain for 18 consecutive months now. I have taken no medicine (Western or Traditional Chinese Medicine) since October 2015 . My life has changed and I can climb stairs, or walk for 4 hours in a mall or a maze, depending on what activities my children want to do."

     Tune in to The Elsabe Smit Show LIVE on Sunday 15th May 2017 at 4 pm GMT using this link: https://www.facebook.com/AskElsabeSmit/videos, and listen to Elizabeth Coetzee describing her remarkable journey to full health.   

    The show covers a range of topics related to the creation process, from becoming aware of your destiny, through shaping your thoughts and actions, to learning the wisdom from your experiences and practising forgiveness.

     Here is the link to the recording of the show

  • Climbing Mountains: A Book of Inspirational Stories - Audio

    Have you ever experienced a definitive moment that shaped your life and determined your future?

    Have you observed the actions of a loved one and asked yourself why they acted as they did?

    Did you ever experience a true light-bulb moment that has stayed with you ever since?

    Do you sometimes feel as if you are the only person on this planet who had a mind-blowing experience?

    Or do you like to read about the lives of other people to help you make sense of your own experiences?

    Then this book is for you.


  • How Do I Become a Spiritual Teacher?




    I have read and learned so much on my spiritual journey and it really has changed me for the better. My problem is that I can now see how other people struggle and I want to help them get out of their comfort zone and have the same breakthroughs I had.

    At the moment all I can do is share my intellectual knowledge with people but that seems to confuse more than to helps them.  As a result, people move away from me when I only want to help them. 

    How do I become a real teacher without putting people off?



  • Wonder Why? Inspirational Daily Quotes For All Ages - Audio Book

    Inspirational daily quotes for each day of the year to encourage spiritual growth and explain why certain events happen in your life

    Ask yourself the following:

    ·        Do you notice the small miracles in your life?

    ·        Do you see the truth in mundane events?

    ·        Do you like to start your day with a spiritual pick-me-up?

    If you answered YES to the above, then this book is for you.


  • Spiritual Growth: How to Strengthen Your Faith and Spirituality (The Enlightenment Series Volume 1) - Audio Book

    In this enlightening book, internationally renowned psychic, coach and author Elsabe Smit breaks down some key concepts of spiritual development into short, highly accessible articles, and provides ways in which the reader can achieve spiritual growth.

    Inspired by a lifetime of facing sometimes seemingly insurmountable challenges, Elsabe examines the subtle nuances that influence our lives, and explores these age-old questions: Why are we born? How can we get closer to enlightenment? Is there life after death?

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