The Baby

This is an extract from the book Climbing Mountains: A Book of Inspirational Stories 


The musicians were playing a lively tune.  Most of the people in the room were on the dance floor.  Those that were at the tables watched the dancers, smiling and tapping on the table to the rhythm of the music.  They laughed and their feet moved faster.   The music moved faster.  The musicians were swaying to the music, but they did not miss a beat.  The music built up to a fast frenzy, and then stopped.  The dancers applauded, and the musicians smiled and bowed.


Most people returned to their tables, but a few people remained on the dance floor, talking animatedly and waiting for the music to start again.


John and Anne walked back to the table they were sharing with friends and relatives.  John walked behind Anne as she made way for them through the crowd.  He stayed close to her, with his hands on her hips and his face in her hair. 


He smiled.  He was happy.  They were together and he knew she loved him. 


The people at the table saw them approaching and there was a moment’s silence.  Any onlooker would have regarded

the moment as insignificant.  The people around the table resumed their conversations as if that moment never happened.  No time for speculation now.  This was a time to celebrate.


Mrs Wainwright looked at the couple and her mind drifted back to the day on which they celebrated John and Anne’s wedding.  This was over ten years ago.  They were a young couple then, very much in love.  Mrs Wainwright approved of her daughter’s choice of a husband.  He was attractive, successful in his career, and obviously adored Anne. 


Three years went by and she started hinting about grandchildren.  Anne avoided he topic.  She just said they were still young. 


Mrs Wainwright did not feel free to discuss the topic with John.  When they were together, he just said that he agreed with Anne. 


The years passed, and there was still no sign of grandchildren.  Eventually the topic became off limits.  Anne would protest that they still had lots of time, and John would keep quiet or even leave the room. 


She came to the conclusion that they did not want children.  It did not make sense to her.  She wanted grandchildren, and Anne was her only child.  Why did they not want children?  She listened to her contemporaries discussing their grandchildren, and had nothing to contribute. 


Mrs Wainwright did not know about the first miscarriage. She did not know about the gene that both John and Anne carried that would result in two more miscarriages.  They were both private people and did not want to share this with anyone. 


There was the time when John accepted a foreign assignment.  This took him away from home for six months.  During that time he worked so hard that he could not even visit Anne. 


Anne did not complain, but just continued with her life.   She talked about John returning, and prepared for his return. 


When John returned after six months, the two of them took a holiday. It was an expensive holiday in the Caribbean. 


Mrs Wainwright wondered why they did not rather put the money aside for a baby, but by now she knew that such discussions were not welcome. 


It has now been ten years, and still no sign of a grandchild.  There are expensive holidays twice a year.  They have a comfortable house with a handful of cats.  But still no children. 


She could not understand how people who are so privileged could not want children.  But she had to accept their decision. 


Then a friend of hers saw John and Anne leave the offices of an adoption agency.  The friend came to question her about it. Other family members heard from the same friend.  Soon everybody was talking about the adoption, but nobody was talking to John and Anne about it. 


How much longer would it remain a secret?   


She smiled and looked at her lovely daughter.  Anne smiled back and looked at John.   


They were happy.  They would soon break the news.  They were just waiting for confirmation of the delivery, and then they would be parents.

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