Sing a Song of Praise

This is an extract from the book Climbing Mountains: A Book of Inspirational Stories 

You could feel the excitement in the air.  The crowd was standing around, some stamping their feet to get some warmth and life back.  They were warmly dressed, ready for a long wait out in the cold.  But they did not mind.  

A few shared their flasks with some warm courage, but mostly they were talking, excitedly looking around them, having a good time despite the bitter cold.


As the time approached, the din of the voices increased and the energy in the crowd became palpable.  Then a spotlight brightened the stage.  The crowd started cheering and jostling.  There was still just an empty stage, but it did not matter.  They knew what was coming. 

The music started playing, softly at first, and then it became louder and livelier.  Strobe lights went on and the intensity of the excitement in the crowd increased.  

The performers burst onto the stage and the crowd went mad.  They no longer felt the cold.  They swayed to the rhythm of the music and cheered.  When the singing started, the crowd joined in. 


The lead singer was taking all of this in, and at the same time adding to the energy of the crowd.  This was his moment.  Or at least one of them.  Definitely not his last.  


In quiet moments he sometimes thinks back to the moments that could have been his last.  It started off innocently.  Just a small operation to remove a cyst from his vocal cord.  Nothing serious.  He would be out of action for a little while, and then back to singing again. 


And then during the operation the sudden crisis. He felt himself waking up from the anaesthetic with a jolt.  He remembered feeling no pain, and being surprised by this, because they told him he could expect some pain. 


Then he became aware of the people around him.  Some machines were bleeping and a staccato voice gave instructions.  He looked down and saw his body lying on the table, and people focusing on rapid hand movements.   He remembered wanting to tell them to calm down, that he was not away, that he would get back into his body.  But before he got the words out, he was drawn even further away.

He went to the Source that was calling him, and felt such incredible happiness.  He tried to talk, but could not get a word out.  Then he just listened.  

He cannot remember what was said to him, and for some reason it is not important that he cannot remember, because it is all embedded in every cell of his body. 


Then he reluctantly turned around and saw people moving around his body, injecting some stuff, more rapid commands.  He wanted to tell them to calm down, but they did not hear them. 


Then he was drawn back into his body again.


When he came to, he was sore all over.  His throat was sore, but that was to be expected.  His body was sore from the rough handling.  He commented on it and the nurse laughed, embarrassed. Then he told her that the doctor panicked too soon and should not be so rude in the theatre. 


The nurse stopped what she was doing and asked what he meant.  He described the scene he had witnessed, and repeated what was said verbatim.  The nurse stared at him, her mouth open.  He then told her to stop being so concerned about her father, because he had just received a financial windfall and would be all right.  The nurse ran out. 


He lay back on the pillow, quite surprised at what he had said and about her reaction.  


Later the doctor came to check on him.  The doctor had heard from the nurse and wanted to ask, but did not have the words.  He told the doctor that a diagnosis on another patient was only partially right, and gave the rest of the diagnosis. 


Then the doctor started questioning him about the operation and about the diagnosis.  He had no answers.  He was just as surprised. 


He thought that these strange thoughts would all go away.  That all he needed was to get healthy again, and all would be back to normal.  But it did not go away.  And this new knowledge has become normal for him.


Critics commented on the change in the focus of the band. The lyrics were different, daring, stretching the boundaries of rock music.  The music was more solid, more defined than before. The pessimists predicted the end of the band.  The crowds grew.  The pessimists repeated that it could not last, that the change in the style of the band was too much and removed from the taste of the masses. The crowds grew and record sales soared. 


There were many cynical jokes about a clean living rock band.  The media turned elsewhere for news.  The support of the masses turned the media back to the band. 


Other bands tried to follow this new trend, but they did not have the same success.  Their changes were artificial.  They did not come from inside the hearts of the musicians.  The crowds knew the difference. 


And the lead singer was composing one hit song after another, to the enjoyment of the crowds.  They were hungry for what he had to give, and he was so happy to keep giving more.


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