The Timing of Healing

 This is an extract from the book Deep Blue: A Guide to Empowerment Healing


Today we want to talk about the timing of healing.  Of course this topic brings us straight to the nature of time.  As you know, time is a man-made concept.  This gives an indication of the power that people have - they create time and they keep time consistent, and have been doing this for millennia.


The same people who keep time and create time every single day for many seasons in a row, are the people who would happily sit back and place the onus for all creation on God.  They would create their own misery and not take responsibility for it at all, but rather blame God for what they have done.


Remember, God only creates that which is beyond time and space.  People then distil from God’s creation and add their own details, and they fall back on their indoctrination to pass the credit as well as the blame for the creation of their own making on to God.


Nothing has done more damage on this earth than the myths around creation.  The earth could be a real paradise if




all people would take responsibility for their own creation and use their creative powers to only create things and situations that are based on Love.


For some reason people got the idea that creation is a function that can only be completed by God.  They use their creative powers every single day, but then they deny the responsibility for their actions.


People do the same with the dis-ease that they create.  They build elaborate structures that support dis-ease.  They have detailed diagnoses and cures that are often more complicated than the dis-ease itself.  They build back-up systems to maintain dis-ease.  They build reasons for keeping the dis-ease active in their lives.


But ask them to create conditions of unconditional Love and tolerance towards all their fellow people, and they plead ignorance of the creation process.  They come up with the most ridiculous processes of rejecting their fellow human beings and they build defences and obstacles that can only be described as ingenious.


An important part of the healing process is where people get an indication of their own creative powers.  They become aware again of the myriad things that they create every day, and they get some understanding of the powers that they have.


People respond to this in two ways.  With much of the healing that is done, they become afraid of their own powers.  They replace their worship of a ‘punishing’ God with worship of a ‘miracle worker’ healer.  This sadly creates fertile grounds for new dis-ease to grow, because the person does not get any understanding of their own creative powers.  These people replace the fear of God (who is a Loving God) with the fear of the healer who is seen as a miracle worker.


The other, far healthier way, is where people get an understanding of their own creative powers.  They understand that they have created the dis-ease.  They understand that they create the cure.  They understand the difference between their own creative powers and the creative powers of God.  Most important, they gain an understanding of a loving God.  These people will never place the onus for the healing on the healer, and they will never blame the healer for the consequences of the healing.  They will have a full understanding that they themselves create the dis-ease, of the circumstances around the dis-ease, and of the healing.


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