How DNA Works


This is an extract from the book Deep Blue: A Guide to Empowerment Healing


We want to explain in the simplest terms how DNA works.


You already understand that you live a blueprint that was determined before your birth.  How do you know to live the blueprint or what the blueprint is?  The knowledge is not in your body.  It is also not in your mind.  The knowledge is in your spirit, and therefore outside of the world that you live in.


This means that even the most spiritually unaware person has a spiritual awareness, otherwise they would not be on this earth and in their bodies.  Of course this means that there are degrees of spiritual awareness.


What is clear is that the blueprints of people vary, but every single person has a blueprint and they access that blueprint all the time.


Does that mean that a person

does not have free will and cannot change the blueprint?  Of course not.  The term ‘free will’ is a misconception anyway.  Even when a person decides to change the blueprint while on this earth, that is a pre-programmed decision.


Does that mean that people are puppets?  No.  It simply means that they live what they have planned.  It would not make any sense to have true ‘free will’ because that would presume that a person has a full awareness of the Source while in this body and this dimension.  Any decision that is made with no connection to the Source would be completely destructive.


You wonder about murderers and other criminals and the decisions they make?  No matter how hard this is to believe, they also live their blueprint.  Their decisions are also pre-programmed, and these decisions do not change.


Why would people with such destructive blueprints be allowed on this earth?  Because the Source is all-encompassing and does not have or place any limitations on what is lived on this earth.  It is true that people choose to have particular experiences, no matter how unpleasant, because it is part of their striving towards perfection.  These experiences are only necessary on earth, and nowhere else in the realm.


This is part of the reason why the time has come for the earth to be vacated.  This will take more than one generation, but we do not care about time.  We only care about ensuring that all mankind move up to the next level of evolution.


Back to the blueprint.  That blueprint is written in every person’s DNA, and that is why both the blueprint and the DNA are so unique.


What happens when we change the DNA?  What impact does that have on the blueprint?  In fact, the blueprint stays the same.  The blueprint includes changing the DNA.  All of this has been pre-planned.  When a person’s DNA is changed, they continue to live their blueprint, because the blueprint has not changed.  Changing the DNA is part of the blueprint.


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