When you love yourself, you can go against the norm and give love to others.

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I want to leave my marriage and my children for the sake of my own sanity.  

I have never been maternal, and I feel that if I stay in a marriage that is smothering me with obligations and expectations, I will go mad. 

I have thought about this for a long time and done much soul-searching, and this is the right decision for me and them.

How do I get my husband to allow me access to the children when I leave him?

Published in Love and Relationships
Tuesday, 31 December 2013 07:13

Why Can't My Parents Let Go?

I am a 28-year-old university student and still living with my parents.  They still expect me to be home at a certain time.  I chose the university because my dad refused to support me financially if I moved into a dorm at a university of my choice.  My dad even wanted me to share a car pool with his friends, but I refused and am taking the bus because it gives me a little freedom even though it is inconvenient.

I have got a good job and with my studies I am hardly ever at home.  My parents are always complaining because

Published in Love and Relationships

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