Elsabe Smit

Elsabe Smit

It's Over! How to End a Relationship and Feel Good About Yourself

Course Goals

At the end of my course, students will be able to

  • Explain the reasons why they entered the relationship, and the nature of the contract they have with their partner.
  • Take ownership of the relationship issues, in a way that will benefit them as well as their partner (or ex-partner).
  • Manage the process of completing an emotional spiral and understand where you are in resolving their relationship issues. They will find their own wisdom in the relationship and their experiences.
  • Explain the reason why people make the same mistake in one relationship after another, and know how to find the lesson so that they don’t repeat their mistakes.
  • Discover the reasons why people have relationships, from different angles that they never thought of before, and understand their own motivations and experiences better.
  • Stop beating up themselves about their choices, based on their new knowledge of soul contracts, and either move into the perfect relationship, or be content on their own.
  • Understand how any decision they make will impact on their partner, and how they can both benefit, no matter what their decision is.
  • Take definitive action when they feel their relationship has reached a dead end.
  • Resolve all their relationship issues without seeing a therapist at great expense and often with an unwilling partner. They won’t need to live with their partner’s death or abandonment for ever.  The course will teach them how they can move forward and live a more balanced life by using resources already available to them.

This course is for:

Sunday, 07 July 2013 08:06


Dear Elsabe, Thanks for a brilliant reading. Life is like that box of chocolates, you open the lid and are instantly spoilt for choice, having to choose one that suits your taste buds to get started! Thanks for helping me choose the first chocolate from my (current) box and for showing me that attractive wrapping is much nicer to open to get to the delights inside.

very best wishes,


Sunday, 07 July 2013 08:04

Marlene Wentzel, Suid Afrika

Elsabe, baie dankie vir die wonderlike konsultasie. Jy sal op hoogte gehou word van elke dingetjie wat jy gesien het en soos dit gebeur. . . 'n Wonderlike dag vir jou en baie dankie ek gaan myself nou laat ontspan want ek weet alles gaan ten goede uitwerk.
Baie liefde"

Marlene Wentzel, Suid Afrika

Sunday, 07 July 2013 08:04

Vanessa Tipler, Hampshire - Uk

Elsabe, I would like to thank you from the depths of my heart for the reading you have done for me. It has given me strength and the inspiration to continue!! I am astonished at how amazingly accurate your reading is because everything you have referred to is happening in my life now. Amazing and again THANKS "

Vanessa Tipler, Hampshire, UK


Sunday, 07 July 2013 07:57

Maria Bermudes - Uk

Elsabe came to me at a time when the confusion and turmoil in my life where overwhelming. She helped me sort out my "scrambled egg" emotions (as she called it!) and offered me clear, concise, realistic and – most importantly – correct guidance. I know the guidance was correct as I put her advice into practice and it has helped me salvage many loving relationships, including my relationship with my own heart. I always feel Elsabe's compassion strongly and that she wants for my success. To the lovely Elsabe who speaks with the Angels: thank you. I'm blessed our paths have met

Maria Bermudes, UK

Sunday, 07 July 2013 07:57

Morne van Niekerk, South Africa

Everything about my clairvoyant was the truth. My nightmares i now understand that it was my ancestor tried to speak to me.

Morne van Niekerk, Kokstad, South Africa



I have known Elsabe for many, many years (decades), and have experienced her consultation abilities since she first became aware of them herself. I have found that her consultations have been uncannily accurate over the years. Even when it did not make sense when I got it, it always did later. I still have all her consultations, and I refer back to them now and again. And I see the path that my life has taken. If you are looking for a timeframe or timeline, I have learned that the Universe has its own interpretations of time, and it does not relate to our own timeframes. If you are expecting a traditional reading, that is not what you will get with her. Although I have seen use her cards, they have always been as a confirmation of her consultation rather than her reading them per se. She sees it, hears it or whatever it is that she does ... but she does that with no gimmicks or tools. I have used other people as well, but find that Elsabe's consultations are devoid of rhetoric and always provide a large measure of advice. You can't go wrong trusting her and developing a long-term relationship as your guide and as a support pillar. I should know ... I have often needed her support and she is always there for me as I go about my purpose of being alive.

Laurinda Seabra


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