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Martyrdom of the Bab

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The Báb, the leader of the Baha'i at the time, went to Persia in 1844 to address corruption and tell people about Bahá'u'lláh and a new faith. 

The Báb was imprisoned in a castle.

A young man named Anis heard the message of the Báb and became


a convert.  Anis's stepfather disagreed and confined Anis to his house. 

However, Anis had a vision of the Báb telling him that he, Anis, would die with the Báb.  In the castle, the Báb put all his possessions in a chest which he entrusted to one of his secretaries.  The Báb was finally allowed to leave the castle and went to the home of this secretary.  He gave instructions for the chest to be delivered to Bahá'u'lláh. 

The prime minister was concerned about the influence of the Báb and had him transferred to the city of Tabriz.  Within three days the prime minister's brother arrived in Tabriz with instructions for the governer to execute the Báb and all his followers. 

The governer refused to do this, and the prime minister's brother was instructed to complete the task himself.  The Báb has to appear before the city council and judges who were quite hostile.  The panel decided to have the Báb publicly executed. 

When the Báb was taken to prison to await execution, there was a commotion and the youth Anis forced his way to the Báb.  Two other devotees of the Báb also joined them, and all four were put in a heavily guarded cell. 

The Báb, in a joyous state of mind, asked his companions to kill him, so that he would at least be killed by a friend rather than an enemy. Anis offered to do this, but then the Báb asked his companions to disown him so that they could save their own lives.  Anis refused to do this and the Báb finally agred that Anis would die with him. 

The next morning the prime minister's brother needed to get authorisation for the execution from the city's religious leaders.  At the time the Báb was having a conversation with his secretary.  The Báb made it clear that he would not die before he had concluded his business with his secretary.  Anis, the Báb and the secretary were taken to the houses of several of the leading lergy and threatened in many ways to deny their faith, but they did not budge.  It was important for the secretary to convey information to Bahá'u'lláh, and he finally spat in the face of the Báb so that he could be set free. 

The persecutors brought Anis's wife and children to convince him to change his mind, to no avail.  Then the executioner got scared of the wrath of God, but the Báb told him to complete his task, and that God would help him.  The Báb was led to the spot of execution where he and Anis were tied together with ropes. 

A group of 750 soldiers were arranged into three files for the firing squad.  All the guns were fired.  None of the bullets touched the Báb. 

He walked away and met with his secretary to conclude their business.  The Báb was found with his secretary and told the soldiers that he had now concluded his business and he was ready to die.  The executioner remembered the reassurance from the Báb and sent his men away, explaining that he had fulfilled his duty ans was not going to be involved in finally killing the Báb. 

Another executioner stepped forward and had the Báb tied with ropes and suspended in the air.  Another firing squad then killed him.   As the shots were fired, a whirlwind of very thick dust rose and enveloped the city in darkness for the entire afternoon. 

The two bodies of the Báb and his companion were dragged through the streets to the ditch outside the gate.  Forty soldiers were tasked to guard the bodies to ensure that they would not be stolen.  During the second night followers of the Báb bribed the guards and took the bodies away.  Of course the commander of the guards did not want any more trouble and when the guards told him that wild animals had eaten the bodies, he accepted that. 

Meanwhile the bodies were placed in a casket and conveyed to the city of Tihran., from where they were taken to the Holy Land and laid to rest.

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