Watch Night is mostly celebrated in the United States.  People go to church and then celebrate the entrance of


This is also known as the Orthodox Tewahedo Christian feast of Saint Gabriel (kulubi Gebriel), the Archangel.

People do a pilgrimage to


In Matthew 2:16-18 there is a description of how King Herod ordered the execution of all young males, because he did not want to lose his throne to the


Stephen was originally named Vajk and was the son of a pagan chieftain. 

When he was ten years old, he was baptized a


The purpose of the Feast of the Nativity is to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and to counteract the messages of people that were described

as heretics. 

It was also meant to usurp the Roman feast called dies natalis Solis invicti on 25 December, where the return of the sun to summer was celebrated. 

On the same day the memory of the three wise men from the East is also celebrated.  These three wise men learned of the birth of the Saviour when they saw a miraculous star, and brought gifts and worshipped him.  The gifts consisted of gold, myrrh and frankincense.  The gold represented material gifts.  The frankincense represented talents, knowledge and skill.  The myrrh is very bitter and represents misfortunes, sorrow, tears and suffering. 

On this day the Orthodox Christian church also remembers the shepherds who first heard about the birth of the Messiah.

Christmas Eve is either the evening or the entire day before Christmas Day, which celebrates the birth of Jesus.

It occurs on 24th December in the


This is the start of the Christian twelve days of Yule, when Christians celebrate the light dawning in Jesus.

This is a Christian tradition in Mexico that represents the period during which Mary and Joseph searched for shelter when


The Italian word Lucia means light, and St Lucy is the patron saint of the blind, of vision and of light. 

This is also associated with the


The tradition of Our Lady of Guadalupe originates from Mexico. 

It is said that on Saturday 9th December 1531, a woman appeared to


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