Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God - Catholic

During the 4th and 5th centuries Nestorius, the patriarch of Constantinople, believed that Mary was the mother of God's human nature, but not His divine nature.

However, the Catholic Church decided that Christ was both fully God and fully human, and combined in one person, Jesus Christ.

The Catholic Church called Mary 'mother of God', because she gave birth to the Divine and human Jesus.


In 1751 Pope Benedict XIV allowed Portugal's churches to celebrate Mary's divine maternity on the first Sunday in May. By 1914 the feast was celebrated in other countries as well, on October 11, and it became a universal feast in 1931.  However, Pope Paul VI decided in 1974 that followers should, as part of Christmas, celebrate both the birth of Jesus from the Virgin Mary and the beginning of salvation.  Now the feast is celebrated on the 1st January.

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