This day is celebrated by Jehova's Witnesses.

The day commemorates Jesus' death as a ransom sacrifice.   Many people attend the meal but only a handful of


Palm Sunday commemorates the Entrance of our Lord into Jerusalem after he had raised Lazarus from the dead. 

The people had heard of the miracle and were expecting His arrival.  

A crowd went out to meet Jesus and welcomed Him with displays of honour and shouts of praise.

Passion Sunday is the sixth and last Sunday of Lent and the Sunday before Easter. 

It is also called Palm Sunday because


This is the first Sunday of Lent, and the day is meant to commemorate the restoration of images or icons in the year 843. 

Orthodox Christians use icons as


This is the day before Palm Sunday.  Christ is celebrated as the Resurrection and the Life.  

It is believed that by


Fasika, or Easter, is celebrated after 55 days of severe Lent fasting.

Orthodox Tewahedo Christians in Ethiopia do not eat any meat and diary products for the whole 55 days. They eat only


This is the fourth Sunday of Lent.  In the UK (but not in the USA) Mothering Sunday is also Mother's Day. 

People normally go to their nearest parish church or "daughter church" on the Sunday.  


According to the Bible, six months after appearing to Zacharias, the Archangel Gabriel was sent by God to Mary in the city of Nazareth, with the news that the Lord had chosen her to be the mother of Jesus.

This feast originated shortly before or after the Council of Ephesus in the year 431 AD.  The feast was first


19th March is the principal feast day of St Joseph, the spouse of Mary, the mother of Jesus. 

This is also a


St Patrick's Day is celebrated on the 17th March, the anniversary of the death of St Patrick in the fifth century. 

The day is a national holiday for the Irish, both in


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