The Sunday of Forgiveness is the last of the preparatory Sundays before Great Lent and it has two themes. 

Firstly the day is meant to commemorate Adam's expulsion from Paradise, and celebrate the hope of re-entering Eden. 


This is the last Sunday after Epiphany.

The Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke described how Jesus was transfigured upon an unnamed mountain where He


St David is the only saint of Welsh origin in the Western Church. 

Very little is known of his life, except that he founded ten monasteries including one at Glastonbury and one in Pembrokeshire. 

He died either in the year 589 AD or the year 601 AD.   


On this day Orthodox Christians commemorate the second coming of Christ. 

The day is known as Meatfare Sunday because it is the last day on which lay people are permitted to eat meat until Pascha (Easter Sunday).  

Orthodox monks and nuns never eat meat.

This is the first Saturday of the Souls in the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Greek-Catholic Church.

This day is used to


The Triodion is a book of canons or hymns. 

Many canons contain only three verses, which is


There are different versions of the origin of Valentine's Day. 

In ancient Rome, the 14th February was a holiday to honour Juno, the Queen of the Roman Gods and Goddesses, also known as


On 11 February 1858 a French peasant girl, Bernadette Soubirous, went out with two friends, Toinette and Jeanne Abadie, to collect firewood and animal bones so that they could get money to buy some bread.  

Bishop Blaise was martyred in the city of Sebastea, Armenia, in 316.

The legendary book Acts of St. Blaise was only written 400 years later.

Saint Blaise was a good


Apparently Brigit's mother was a slave, and Brigit herself was born into slavery to a druid.

Because Brigit was born holy, she vomited when an impure druid fed her.  As a result she was fed cow's milk.

Brigit healed and fed the poor and performed many miracles.  

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