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Hanuman Jayanti

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Hanuman is the monkey god that is worshipped in India. 

A holy man called Angira Rishi visited another man called Indra who lived in Swarg. 

During the visit a girl called Punjiksthala danced for them.  However, as soon as


the dance commenced the rishi closed his eyes to meditate.

When the dance ended, Indra asked Angira rishi what he thought of the dance.  Angira rishi responded that he was more interested in the meditation than in the dance.  Punjiksthala was not pleased at all and said that the rishi could not appreciate dancing.  Angira Rishi cursed Punjiksthala and told her she would be born as a female monkey in the mountain forests.

Of course Punjiksthala was quite upset and begged Angira rishi for forgiveness.  Finally Angira rishi told Punjiksthala that her child will be a great devotee of Paramatma.

Punjiksthala was born as Anjana, the daughter of Kunjar, the king of the monkeys. She married Kapiraj Kesari.

Hanuman was the son of Anjana and Kesari, king of the monkeys.  Hanuman once tried to swallow the sun.  Indra hit Hanuman and persuaded him not to do that.  When Hanuman was hit, his beard (hanu) became slanted, and he became known as Hanuman. Hanuman was blessed with eternal victory and immortality.  He induced fear in enemies and destroyed fear in friends.  He was also blessed with longevity, scriptural wisdom and the ability to cross the ocean.

Hanuman is said to be able to assume any form at will, wield rocks, move mountains, dart through the air and seize the clouds. Hanuman became quite formidable and began harassing rishis.  Bhrugu rishi and Angira rishi warned him that he would forget the ability to use his formidable power and only a divine personality will later guide him to use it appropriately. Hanuman's main taks was to destroy obstacles in the establishment of the Divine Kingdom.

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