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Siddha Pad

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On the second day of Navapad Oli, Siddha Pad is celebrated. 

The Siddha is the supreme power of nature, and also the purest soul in the


Universe without a physical body.

The Siddha is the universal observer who lives outside of a physical body, in perfect joy, equilibrium and eternal peace.  The Siddha is free from all Karmic bondage and is in motionless rest, with no reason to reincarnate as a mundane soul in a human body.

Siddhas have eight attributes, namely

  • Infinite knowledge
  • Infinite perception
  • Eternal happiness
  • Perfect conduct
  • Immortality
  • Formlessness
  • Equality among all Siddhas
  • Weightlessness
  • Infinite energy. 

The Siddha represents the symbolic color red.  Jain followers worship Siddha Pada on the second day of Navapad Oli by eating boiled wheat only.  They also pray, worship and meditate for Siddha during the day.

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