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Ethiopian New Year.  The Rastafarians believe that Ethiopia is their spiritual homeland and the place where they want to return. 

For this reason Rastafarians recognise the


Ethiopian New Year as part of their religion.   This New Year falls on 11 September because Ethiopia still uses the Julian calendar where the year consists of 12 months of 30 days each and the 13th month consists of 5 days, with 6 days in a leap year.  The rest of the Western world uses the Gregorian calendar.

Enkutatash means "the gift of jewels".  This commemorates the return of the Queen of Sheba from her visit to King Solomon in Jerusalem, when her chiefs welcomed her with jewels.

This day is also the day of the spring festival.  After dark on New Year's Eve the people light fires outside their houses.  People traditionally exchange bouquets of flowers on this day.

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