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On the night of this day, Mahavirswami, a holy man, attained Nirvana or deliverance and a state of absolute bliss. 

Jain followers spend the whole of the night of Diwali in the recitation of holy hymns and in


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Ethiopian New Year.  The Rastafarians believe that Ethiopia is their spiritual homeland and the place where they want to return. 

For this reason Rastafarians recognise the


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Since Japan adopted the solar calendar in 1873, the New Year celebrations start on January 1.  

However, in rural Japan, villagers continue to follow the lunar calendar and Oshogatsu is the Lunar New Year.  On New Year's Eve, shortly before midnight, Buddhist temples ring bells 108 times to remember Japan's hardships, and to send out the old year and usher in the new.  At dawn Oshogatsu starts with a Hatsumode (the first visit of the year to a shrine or a temple) to pray for a good and happy year. 


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Gantan- Sai (New Year)

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